Polish Army Stadium

Polish Army Stadium is located in Śródmieście district of Poland, with a capacity of 31,800 spectators. It is a football-specific stadium rather than a multi-purpose football stadium. Since the inauguration of the football stadium, it has been taken as the home ground of Legia Warsaw football club. A new reconstruction of the football stadium are divide into two stage. In addition to novel and modern design, the brand new Polish Army Stadium is equipped with the underlying heating system, training pitch, underground parking lot and other sound equipment.

There are four exits access to the football stadium, allowing numerous spectators getting out of the grand football stadium in short time. In addition to some basic infrastructure, there are also some supporting entertainment equipment, including Legia club museum, bar and restaurant. The Legia club museum is housed in the north stand, aiming at carrying forward rich historical information of the football club in different stages.