Hat Storage: Do Not Distort Hats

If you didn’t wear a hat, people wouldn’t notice you in public. No matter for the sake of style or skin protection, hats seem to be making a big comeback. Certainly, an age-old question comes with the comeback: How to store hats? Over the years, perhaps people have understood the hidden meaning of “Where do you live?” Turning to current situation, it means “How to store your hats?” 

With evolution of styles, closets have changed, too. Many closets feature no space for hast exclusively. In general, shelves could easily accommodate small hats like caps and beanies; brimmed hats need larger space than those of caps and beanies. Otherwise, fedoras and sun hats are often left in a status that the brim squashed against the wall and the front hang over the shelf’s edge. After a long term hanging over the shelf’s edge, hats will lose its shapes gradually.


In order to seek more solutions, we go to an expert Goorin, the owner and CEO of a company. Put another way, Goorin knows headgear. Hatboxes are perfect companions of hats. Better hats often come with boxes by and large. One could also get them separately. It is noteworthy that one needs to place the hat in box upside down, leaving crown downwards and the brim upwards. Only in this way, can we preserve its shape as much as possible. In fact, the crown of a hat is stiffer and stronger than the brim. A hat will be flattened if it is stored with the brim downwards or falling against a plane.

Some proposes that more than one hat could be packed in one box, but the most heavy hats should be on the bottom. Besides, hatboxes are also helpful to keeping hats clean and dust free. He also puts out hatboxes are space eaters. Many predecessors have not closets in their lives, let alone specific spaces for hats. Hats could also be stored on deep shelves or cubby. Wherever it is stored, a hat should also be stored on its crown. One has to fight dust if a hat is stored in an open space rather than in a hatbox.

Hooks and Hangers

Perhaps hatboxes are not desirable options for some people. Some wants to see what they have owned or would like to get hats easily. Hooks and hangers are perfect solutions to store hats in the manner they would like to use. The trick is to select a suitable one. When you choose hooks and hangers, something pointy should be avoided as much as possible, because sharp and pointy objects could stretch out your hat and ruin its shape.


On the contrary, something broad or smooth would be better than point-shaped hooks, so that weight caused by gravity would not be focused on hats’ crown. It’s interesting that grandparents also concern with such problems. Among diverse hats, top hats are the most concerned ones. Those hats will obscure others’ sight, and they are hard to store.

Hat Cleaning and Storage Tips

Many people may confused about how to clean and store all kinds of hats. Since living standards having been improved greatly, more and more accessories of clothes flood into people’s lives. Amid diverse accessories and embellishments, headpieces establish their feet in everyday life. When your hat gets dirty by oil stains or sweat, how to recover its original appearance? When your hat gives off offensive odors, it’s time to give your hat a bath. Some hat cleaning and hat care tips are as follows.

1.Water and Stain Repellent

I found that almost all new hats could keep clean for a long time? I also wondered why new hats stay clean in a long term. Some recommends Water and Stain Repellent to me, I figured out the mystery at that moment. It is an assortment of products to promote water bead up and roll off your hats right away.

2.Wash Hats with Correct Methods

Prior to wash your hats, the first thing you need to figure out is its material. Perhaps wool hats will shrink a little after washing in water. Given specific characteristics of material, dry cleaning may be the best choice. Most cotton, polyester and other blends could stay in good status after dishwasher or washing machine.

3.Cap Cleaner and Deodorizer

Ahead of washing your hat, please spray dirty hat with such cleaner and leave it alone for 10-15 minutes. Then, submerge your hat in water and try to scrub dirt on it. If it is a bucket hat, it could be cleaned with soft brush slightly.

4.Skillful Usage of Dishwasher

Wash a hat in the top rack of dishwasher rather than adding washing detergent. Do not launder it in a washing machine on a delicate cycle. Although gentle detergent is efficient in removing stains, it could lead to fading. Hang it on clothesline and leave it to air-dry. Some useful tools could help your hat in its shape while washing. All you need to do is to monitor the water temperature and avoid any damage to your hats.

5.Bucket Hat Online

If you would like to hang out outdoor, a wide-brim would be the perfection to shield harmful UV rays. In addition, most fishing hats could be stuffed into a bag or pocket. And one could take it put when necessary. After shopping around, I found a cost-effective online store dedicated to such hats: https://au.buckethat.net/. You could stop by the website at leisure.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a trendsetter to complement everyday outfit, it’s essential to take correct measures and keep your hats in good conditions. In case clothes could tolerate harsh treatment, hats are to handle with kid gloves. To keep hats in good condition, it’s necessary to follow advice of expert. Hats need to be stored, so that non-crushable hats could stay in perfect shapes. In general, storing hats on Styrofoam heads would be a perfect choice. If such hats are not available, you’d better stuff your hats with scarves or other soft materials.

Smart Tips on Organizing All Your Hats in Perfect Order

Many people may have little budget for renting, but I have noticed that it’s easier to organize unnecessary stuff if you do not plan to stay in a place for long time. Over the years, although I have moved frequently, there are still many daily necessities. So, I need more spaces to stuff. I have come up with cleaver ideas for small-space storage. Keeping all articles in daily life neat and in order require flexible ideas, especially when you lack of enough storage spaces.

Create more space in vertical direction. Perhaps enough floor space is not available, but vertical space is always available easily. Only several pieces of plywood and brackets could make a big difference. Some beautiful boxes and baskets are efficient ways to bring order to wardrobes and living areas. Then, unused items, toys and clothes could be hidden in those boxes.

Find more storage space under your furniture. Another perfect solution for daily articles is to tap into lower spaces. To realize perfect aesthetic effects, opaque woven containers or wood crates rather than transparent plastic boxes should be listed on your shopping list.

Taking full advantages of walls. One could consider hanging some objects on walls to empty valuable spaces in your wardrobe. Only simple DIY hanging tools could solve this problem effortlessly, such as hooks or nails, so that your fishing hats (also known as bucket hats), fedora hats, panama hats, straw hats, etc. could be hung on walls securely.

Squeeze more overhead spaces. A headboard is also a practical tool to keep your bedtime reading in order. You can also choose built-ins or some dramatic floor. Besides, many places have been overlooked such as places back of the door, sides of fridge, etc. Hanging shelves or towel racks are helpful to crackdown on clutter, specially for small spaces.

Another good tips are to mix open and hidden spaces together. If stuff in your house clutters here and there, you can find all spaces in your house, including all hidden corners and spaces hard to use.

Taking full advantages of spaces behind the mirror. Different with old school medicine cabinets that may be still used by our parents, many modern storage solutions are efficient to keep all your skin products in order. A sliding storage mirror is perfect.

Please pay attention to small but important objects. In case you are going to take advantages of floor space, please keep it small and tall. Over the years, blanket ladders have grown popular. One possible reason is that such a blanket ladder only occupies a small space of floor; meanwhile, it’s also a wonderful way to display your favourite textiles. Besides, not-dirty-enough clothes or not-clean -enough ones could be rest on such a ladder or rack.

Different with traditional seating, dual-purpose furniture enlarges storage spaces effortlessly while keeping another utilitarian function. Tons of room is available to hide some unused items.