Smart Tips on Organizing All Your Hats in Perfect Order

Many people may have little budget for renting, but I have noticed that it’s easier to organize unnecessary stuff if you do not plan to stay in a place for long time. Over the years, although I have moved frequently, there are still many daily necessities. So, I need more spaces to stuff. I have come up with cleaver ideas for small-space storage. Keeping all articles in daily life neat and in order require flexible ideas, especially when you lack of enough storage spaces.

Create more space in vertical direction. Perhaps enough floor space is not available, but vertical space is always available easily. Only several pieces of plywood and brackets could make a big difference. Some beautiful boxes and baskets are efficient ways to bring order to wardrobes and living areas. Then, unused items, toys and clothes could be hidden in those boxes.

Find more storage space under your furniture. Another perfect solution for daily articles is to tap into lower spaces. To realize perfect aesthetic effects, opaque woven containers or wood crates rather than transparent plastic boxes should be listed on your shopping list.

Taking full advantages of walls. One could consider hanging some objects on walls to empty valuable spaces in your wardrobe. Only simple DIY hanging tools could solve this problem effortlessly, such as hooks or nails, so that your fishing hats (also known as bucket hats), fedora hats, panama hats, straw hats, etc. could be hung on walls securely.

Squeeze more overhead spaces. A headboard is also a practical tool to keep your bedtime reading in order. You can also choose built-ins or some dramatic floor. Besides, many places have been overlooked such as places back of the door, sides of fridge, etc. Hanging shelves or towel racks are helpful to crackdown on clutter, specially for small spaces.

Another good tips are to mix open and hidden spaces together. If stuff in your house clutters here and there, you can find all spaces in your house, including all hidden corners and spaces hard to use.

Taking full advantages of spaces behind the mirror. Different with old school medicine cabinets that may be still used by our parents, many modern storage solutions are efficient to keep all your skin products in order. A sliding storage mirror is perfect.

Please pay attention to small but important objects. In case you are going to take advantages of floor space, please keep it small and tall. Over the years, blanket ladders have grown popular. One possible reason is that such a blanket ladder only occupies a small space of floor; meanwhile, it’s also a wonderful way to display your favourite textiles. Besides, not-dirty-enough clothes or not-clean -enough ones could be rest on such a ladder or rack.

Different with traditional seating, dual-purpose furniture enlarges storage spaces effortlessly while keeping another utilitarian function. Tons of room is available to hide some unused items.